N.K. Plastika Industrial & Commercial S.A. respecting the strict requirements set up not only by the European but also by the Greek legislation concerning food packaging, conducts on an annual basis strict controls not only on its products, but also on its raw and secondary materials and on the packaging material being used. These controls concern migration analysis from the container (container, taps, etc.) into the ingredient and they are carried out by certified laboratories abiding with the requirements of the Regulation 10/2011 of the European Union.

Equivalent controls are carried out so as to ensure the impermeability of the copy inks of the serigraphy of the containers’ ingredients.

The raw materials used by the company for the production of its products are virgin polyethylene PE and virgin polypropylene PP. The raw materials are bought from the biggest European houses and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America and comply with the requirements of the relevant regulations set by the European Union.

The company, with its experience and expertise in its fourteen years of operation, uses specific types of raw materials from specific houses from abroad in order to achieve product uniformity and to maintain the high quality standards set by herself.