N.K. Plastika Industrial & Commercial S.A., exists since 2002 having its seat in Mandra Attica. The company operates solely in the field of plastic containers and caps manufacture suitable for food packaging (mostly of edible olives).

Founder of the company are Nikolaos Koutoupis, Dionysios Sempepos and Panagiotis Karampasis. All three of them have years of experience in the field of food packaging manufacture with use of blown and injection molding engines, while in the last years the company started to produce products subjected to thermal treatment (pasteurization).

At the same time, the company has the possibility to affix plastic labels of polypropylene (PP) and apply serigraphy on the containers.

N.K. Plastika Industrial & Commercial S.A. is seen as one of the most significant companies manufacturing plastic containers and caps suitable for the packaging of edible olives in Greece, whereas all of its products are destined for the packaging of olives exported to America, Canada and Australia.