The company uses blown engines and injection molding machines and in the last years it produces also products subjected to thermal treatment (pasteurization).

The machines are accompanied by diverse automatisms bringing the product to its final form, ready for packaging and delivery. In this way the high levels in hygiene, which are necessary for the products, are preserved.

The personnel of the company constitutes its largest capital and investment. Without its presence and excellent collaboration, the company could not have accomplished its targets and goals. At the present time, the company employs about thirty employees, seven of which are employed in the administration sector, customer service, accounting office and distribution of products, whereas the rest twenty-three are solely occupied with the product production and the daily maintenance of the mechanical and technical equipment and premises. The company invests in the evolvement of its personnel by training them not only on a daily basis but also in the excellent use of the machinery and this, in such a way that result in ensuring of those conditions that will lead to the most qualitative and efficient product production.

By investing in young people, N.K. Plastika Industrial & Commercial S.A., is in the position to offer a modern working environment where the close human working relationships dominate.

The raw materials used by the company for the production of its products are virgin polyethylene PE and virgin polypropylene PP. The raw materials are bought from the biggest european houses and are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America and comply with the requirements of the relevant regulations of the European Union.

The company, with its experience and expertise obtained by the 14 years of operation, uses specified raw materials from particular houses from abroad so as to achieve uniformity for its products and to maintain the high quality standards set by itself.